MP3 - Audio only
Download only (Attempts to get the proper file type)
AAC - Audio only

Welcome to yet another handy Stormweyr tool, not to mention experiment in streaming data, which is completely successful.

Not to worry, instructions will follow below.

Image showing the video ID location in a youtube hyperlink. This variable is named lower case 'v' and extends after the following equal sign to the nearest ampersand, hash or end of line.

The text marking in red is the video ID, copy that piece out and paste it into the text box above.

Now, say you've spotted a video on youtube with a nice soundtrack, or you simply would like a duplicate of the sound or video for personal use.

It is actually quite easy, if you are a programmer or developer of any sort, if you are not however, you would have to resort to websites, much like this one to provide you with an answer.

Like any experiment, this one is always receiving new ideas and considerations to make it better.